NDT Inspection Services and Support

by Waygate Technologies

Waygate Technologies is dedicated to providing industry-leading Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technology and support. With over 120 years of experience in providing reliable, high-quality inspection solutions across multiple industries, we have the tools and expertise needed to solve your toughest NDT inspection challenges. We can help you work smarter, faster and safer, and help you get the most value out of your NDT solutions, allowing you to achieve the efficiency, accuracy, and safety you need.

We offer a wide range of NDT Inspection Services which include:

  1. Equipment Rental Programs
  2. Part Inspection
  3. Reporting
  4. Onsite Inspections


If you need support, Waygate Technologies offers on-demand and long-term After-Sales Support programs which include:

  • NDT Training and Certification Programs
  • Remote Support Services
  • Spare Parts
  • In-House Repairs & Calibration

Having the tools to succeed is important but having a partner to help get you get there can make all the difference.

Inspections are a huge investment in a product. We’ve turned them into added value by helping optimize processes, maximize uptime, predict failures, and improve product design.

What can we do to help you today?

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