Radiographic Testing and Industrial CT Solutions

Fast, precise, and reliable inspections for total confidence

Waygate Technologies has made Radiographic Testing (RT) and Computed Tomography (CT) solutions more accessible to the industrial world, allowing you to attain peace of mind while also leveraging the power and cost savings of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT.

With the widest range of x-ray inspection and CT solutions available today – from mobile conventional film, computed and digital radiography solutions to 2D X-ray inspection systems and 3D computed tomography – we’ve brought X-ray and CT inspections and metrology to the production floor, designed the most rugged, productive and reliable X-ray scanning solutions, and more. All to help you save time and money while delivering the safest and most reliable product possible.


Composite Inspection_Product Images_GE speedscan rotating gantry

Automating inspections on the production floor 

Waygate Technologies’ powerful X-ray inspection and CT technologies aren’t just for lab environments anymore.

With support from our experienced team, we can help you integrate 2D and 3D inspections into your manufacturing processes to quickly reveal hidden defects, changes in thickness, assembly details, and other components that are otherwise invisible.

Reducing errors, increasing productivity, enhancing quality, and saving time.

Seifert x|cube - 2d X-ray for Automotive and Aerospace

NDT solutions for peace of mind

Even in the most demanding industries and environments, our diverse and globally-proven collection of mobile and stationary industrial radiographic testing solutions deliver fast, reliable results.

Wherever your Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) needs take you: in the lab, the production floor, or even the field, Waygate Technologies has a solution that will allow you to get the greatest degree of accuracy in the most efficient way possible.

With high X-ray doses and shorter exposure times, you can get the accurate inspection results you need for the highest levels of both safety and productivity.

CSC SSH X-ray inspection system fleet

Offering experience and technology where and when you need it

Waygate Technologies also offers on-demand use of our proven, state-of-the-art industrial radiography equipment at our Customer Solutions Centers (CSC) all over the world.

See and try our latest X-ray 2D and 3D CT inspection technologies for yourself, or ship us your parts and let us handle your inspection needs.

From a single part or prototype inspection to training and data analysis, we’re here to help. 

Solving the toughest Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) challenges in your industry



Automotive Industry






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Oil & Gas


Research & Development
Transportation Industry


Inspections are a huge investment in a product. We’ve turned them into added value by helping optimize processes, maximize uptime, predict failures, and improve product design.

Discover Our Products

Phoenix V|tome|x M AM part CT

Industrial X-ray & CT Scanners

A range of 2D X-ray inspection and 3D computed tomography (CT) solutions for many inspection applications, from precision nanoCT® and metrology tasks in the lab to high throughput inline CT inspections on the production floor.

Precisely inspect raw materials, prototypes, light metal castings, batteries, electronics, plastic injection moldings, additive manufactured parts, and final assemblies with ease and precision never before possible.

DXR campaign 600x400

Digital Radiography Equipment and Software

Fast and consistent imaging solutions including DR (Digital Radiography), CR (Computed Radiography), and FS (Film Scanning) equipment and software.

Achieve more accurate inspections and higher throughput while reducing costs and safety risks. 

Seifert ISOVOLT Titan_neo with tube

Industrial X-ray Tubes and Generators

Proven, powerful Seifert X-ray equipment including mobile and stationary X-ray sources and generators built to last and improve productivity in the field.

High X-ray doses and shorter exposure times mean higher inspection productivity and lower operating costs while giving you the most accurate results possible.

X-Ray Film Digitizers and Scanners product image

Industrial X-ray Film, Equipment, and Supplies

Radiographic films, processing equipment, chemicals, and quality assurance tools work seamlessly together for high quality, consistent inspections no matter the complexity of your testing challenge.

We offer X-ray film solutions for both standard and special applications, along with a host of tubes, generators, and scanners to cover any Radiographic Testing (RT) scenario you may encounter.

Radiographic Testing FAQ

Featured Case Studies


Aviation & Aerospace

Food & Beverage


Oil & Gas


What’s inside my USB drive?

An interesting example to evaluate NDT methods was a micro USB memory device with 2 GB memory size. These investigations have been done at Dresden University of Technology, Germany.

Aviation & Aerospace

Mentor Visual iQ is changing the way to inspect engines

Ease of use, high quality build, long battery life and clear video quality lead to unprecedented productivity gains.  Learn how airlines all over the world are revolutionizing their inspection processes to drive efficiency and confidence in order to provide their customers with peace of mind.

Food & Beverage

Raj Brewery is confident XL Lv will continue to be a valuable tool.

The inspection of inner weld seams of all pipes before and after fitting is critical for a beer manufacturing facility. XL Lv Utility Video Borescope fits the bill perfectly for this application.


Additive and Composite Part Inspection & Metrology

Waygate Technologies offers a wide range of large and small CT systems that can accelerate your rate of inspection of additive and composite parts, as well as, inspection of small batch prototypes and light metal castings.  Automotive manufacturers are turning to our Phoenix | X-Ray CT systems and speed | scan CT 64 systems which provide 2X faster MicroCT scans or double resolution for additive and composite automotive part inspection and testing optimizations for industrial computed tomorgraphy

Oil & Gas

Waygate Technologies offers a wide range of products and services to drive efficiency and safety

From weld inspections, gas turbine inspections, pipeline inspections, to Predictive Corrosion Management (PCM) solutions, leveraging multiple products within our portfolio Waygate Technologies provides oil and petrochemical companies around the world the necessary tools to maintain optimal performance levels in their plant and offshore assets.  

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