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Refinery PALM Scanner

Simplify complex inspections and improve productivity with our reliable and robust ultrasonic solutions for weld inspections. Choose from two flexible PALM scanners that are compact, rigid, lightweight, waterproof, and rust-resistant with a variety of wedges and phased array probes available to suit any inspection procedure.

Now, inspecting everything from general welds to difficult-to-access, small diameter pipe welds, to small diameter boiler tubes and both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic pipes is easier than ever.

  • On the manufacturing floor: Ensure weld integrity during the manufacturing process for the highest level of quality control
  • In the plant: Conduct regular weld inspections requiring just one person, with a wide selection of accessories available for easy handling

Solutions for refinery UT inspections

Flaw Detectors

Revolutionize your UT inspections. Our field-tested flaw detectors provide fast, accurate inspections for internal product integrity. Powerful ultrasound technology penetrates deeply into materials with superior accuracy.

Scanners and Solutions

Get reliable UT results faster. With solutions for joint scanning, butt weld and bond seam inspections are made easy.


Get the most out of your data for every UT inspection. Our powerful ultrasonic portable inspection software makes it easy to access high-performance results, with the convenience and flexibility you need.