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What we offer


Inspection Technologies is dedicated to providing industry leading Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technology and support, empowering you with expertise every step of the way. Because having the tools to succeed is important but having a partner to help get you there can make all the difference.

We offer a wide range of Services Solutions: Rental Programs, Part Inspection and Reporting, Customer Scanning, Customer Solution Centers, Onsite Inspection Services AIS and After-Sales Support: on demand and long-term agreements with Training, Remote Services, Spare Parts, In-House Repair & Calibration.

Support from our qualified industry experts can help you make the most out of every solution—helping you achieve the efficiency you want, with the accuracy and safety you need.

What can we do to support you today?

  • For technical questions about the operation of your equipment, part numbers for spare parts, help with updates or help with diagnosing problems, please contact Remote Services
  • To place an order, or to receive a formal quote for price and delivery, please contact Customer Care.
  • To arrange for a Return Authorization to send an instrument to our service center for calibration or repair, please contact Field/Inhouse Service.
  • To have our expert application engineers provide a quote to develop a specific inspection for your parts, please contact Our application team can provide complete solutions with probes, fixturing, instrumentation, setups and training.
  • To see our classroom and online training opportunities, please see  We provide training in many NDT modalities based around our equipment. 

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