Industrial X-ray Film Systems

Film, equipment, chemistry and quality assurance tools for high quality X-ray inspections

For high-quality images and rugged performance, you can trust the best-in-class radiographic film, processing equipment, chemicals and tools from Waygate Technologies. No matter the complexity of your testing challenge, our field-proven solutions are designed to work together seamlessly for reliable inspection results.

Perfecting processing quality

After being X-rayed, each radiographic film needs to be processed before examining the film results. Depending on the place, situation and application, processing of the industrial X-rays films is carried out by manual or automatic processing. We make it easy.


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Inspections are a huge investment in a product. We’ve turned them into added value by helping optimize processes, maximize uptime, predict failures, and improve product design.

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The industry-leading, high-performance radiographic film. Get improved image quality and safety, greater ease, savings in time and cost, and peace of mind.


X-ray Film Processors and Equipment

X-ray Film Processors and Equipment

A complete range of processors designed for the highest quality results. Benefit from ease-of-use and problem-free maintenance for all your X-ray film processing needs.

X-ray Film Processing Chemicals

X-ray Film Processing Chemicals

A complete line of advanced, high-quality processing chemicals for industrial X-ray applications. Get the perfect development, every time.


X-ray Film Quality Assurance Tools

X-ray Film Quality Assurance Tools

Dedicated tools to control and prove compliance of your system. Whether you need to monitor film processing system quality, prove compliance, or verify the calibration of optical transmission densitometers, we’ve got you covered.


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