Digital Radiography

Fast, consistent imaging with less environmental impact

Our high-resolution Digital Radiography (DR), Computed Radiography (CRxFlex and CRxVision), Film Scanning (FS) equipment and next-generation digital image processing software enables more accurate inspections and higher throughput while reducing costs and environmental impact. From turbine blades to corrosion and weld applications, conduct more inspections in less time, reduce equipment and repair costs, and improve productivity.

Streamlining your DR inspections with better quality results

When using our industry-standard Rhythm Insight software in combination with Flash!, you get exquisite image quality and comfortable reading, with a faster, smoother workflow that enhances your productivity, maximizes your resources and gives your customers peace of mind.

Improving efficiency in the field with capable, rugged equiptment

In the field, our portable wireless detectors are specifically designed to help you meet the demanding requirements of industrial radiographic field installation inspections as quickly as possible—reducing exposure and barricade time on units for safety.

Enabling the most flexible, high-performance film digitization

Waygate Technologies’ rugged FS50 and FS50B digital film scanners and digitizers provide high-end performance digitizing film in all standard formats (up to 14 inches) quickly and at the highest quality, without length limitation in any resolution between 50 µm and 500 µm. The FS50B is the first and only industrial film digitizer on the market that can handle the full density range (D = 0 up to 4.70 D) in one working range with the requested contrast sensitivity. 


Solving the toughest challenges in your industry



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Inspections are a huge investment in a product. We’ve turned them into added value by helping optimize processes, maximize uptime, predict failures, and improve product design.

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DXR Full Product 600x400

DXR Digital X-Ray Detectors

Portable, wireless and robust digital radiography detectors for flexible, efficient field installation inspections—specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial radiographic inspections and improve safety for your inspectors. All with lower exposure times and faster setup time for the highest level of safety and productivity.


X-Ray Film Digitizers and Scanners product image

X-Ray Film Digitizer

Rugged, versatile digital film scanners and digitizers designed for high-end performance in film digitizing, with superior quality and the highest throughput. Our FS50B is the first and only industrial film digitizer on the market that can handle the full density range (D = 0 up to 4.70 D) in one working range with the requested contrast sensitivity

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NDT Software

A broad portfolio of integrated and standalone NDT software solutions to help you make critical decisions with more confidence. Maximize the power of your NDT equipment and solve your biggest challenges — from real-time collaboration software and data analysis tools to flexible data storage and management


Computed Radiography

Our portfolio of scanners, cassettes and IPU phosphor imaging plates. This includes the CRxVision high-resolution, high-performance computed radiography scanner designed for the inspection of welds and many other applications, as well as the high-efficiency CRxFlex™ multi-purpose scanner with the best efficiency, performance, throughput, and image quality on the NDT market.


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