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Our multifunction inspection technologies are designed to keep up with both faster production cycles and increasing safety standards—with high volume and high throughput inspections.

We are the first to bring leading 3D CT inspections right into the production line in a way that won’t slow you down, with experts to guide you every step of the way. Now, you can identify even the smallest defects in the most complex assemblies, faster than ever before.

Solutions for electronics inspections

Solder joints

Inspect solder joints and electronic components in HD, in real time, with extremely high defect coverage and repeatability.


Experience ultra high resolution with a system designed for inspecting high-quality assemblies and interconnections. 

General electronics

Get the resolution you need with our entry-level microfocus X-ray inspection (AXI) system.

Circuit boards

Inspect complex printed circuit board assemblies with reliability and efficiency.


Enable faster, more reliable detection with our large, powerful image processing software.