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Protect and defend your critical industrial assets with Nexus’ end-to-end ICS security solutions.

The benefits of modernization and digital transformation are driving businesses in every industrial segment to move to new cyber-physical system technologies, making it possible to gather and analyze rich asset data with greater efficiency and flexibility. But along with the productivity and safety gains that can be achieved, the need for comprehensive cybersecurity protection also increases as the attack surface of the plant expands.

Leaning on our deep knowledge and global expertise in critical infrastructure protection, Nexus Controls designs and deploys holistic operational technology (OT) cybersecurity solutions tailored to the unique demands of your industrial plant network.

Nexus Controls can ensure that you have an effective cybersecurity program that meets the needs of legacy control systems, with limited expert resources, while accounting for modern technology and increasing cyber threats.

By leveraging Nexus Controls' 60-year industrial domain expertise and tailoring cybersecurity solutions specific to customer ICS use cases, you can be confident that Nexus OTArmor exceeds alternative ICS cybersecurity solutions on the market today.

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End to End Cybersecurity Protection

An innovative strategy drives us. We have a complete, end to end, Cybersecurity Portfolio. Over our long history we have focused on continuous innovation and developed our portfolio to include an expansive range of services and solutions designed to defend industrial critical assets.  In fact, the only control we don’t provide is cybersecurity insurance. But beyond that, we have something for every business use case or challenge.

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How Nexus Controls Is Solving Customer Problems Across Multiple Industries

As a provider of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions across multiple industries, Nexus Controls is well-equipped to help your industrial plants achieve safety, zero unplanned downtime, and operational efficiency:

Improving your security posture

Achieve greater visibility and protection of critical assets

Compliance via regulatory & internal cybersecurity policies

Keeping your remote industrial operations secure

"Securing with Trust to Achieve Cybersecurity Peace of Mind"
"Getting Serious about Cybersecurity in the Oil & Gas Industry"
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Nexus Controls provides industrial cybersecurity for an LNG plant in Egypt
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