Portable Precision Thickness Gauge
Micrometer precision in a field-ready, portable, rugged package
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Precision thickness gauge with a full range of functionality

Krautkrämer CL5 Handheld Thickness Gauge

The Krautkrämer CL5 is perfectly suited for precise thickness measurements of metal, steel, and plastic components whose complex geometry often makes them difficult to inspect with conventional gauges. It's able to display the ultrasonic response in real-time by using the optional live A-scan to properly align the transducer and verify the accuracy of the test as components become more complex in shape. The user-friendly, portable, and rugged design of the CL5 provides intuitive one-handed operation in the field or at the bench, with easy to understand on-screen prompts, with no need for dedicated keys.

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Krautkrämer CL5 Features

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