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Know if a pilot flame is lit with confidence

Reuter-Stokes Flame Sensors

Reuter-Stokes is well known for flame sensors in gas turbines in the power industry. The UV based Flame Tracker is standard OEM equipment on many models. The Flame Tracker Dry FTD325 is an evolution of that model to help ISPs and end users reduce maintenance costs and remove the risk of damage from complex water-cooling systems by ensuring temperature sensitive components are not subjected to the extreme temperature the sensor end is exposed to.

The UV base flame scanners are able to respond faster to changes in flame status because it is not subjected to black body radiation like IR sensors are and does not have the inertial memory of a thermocouple. Because it is relied on for proper operation of critical infrastructure like gas turbines, the Flame Tracker family is ideally suited where other service prone technologies, like thermocouples, tend to fail. Top fired steam methane reformers tend to use flame sensors for start up only, and expect them to fail at some point before operations are ramped down. The excessive heat where the sensors are installed tend to burn out these traditional sensors. The Flame Tracker will continue to operate throughout the plant lifecycle and not be replaced because it has be designed to withstand temperatures beyond the range of required for reformers.


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