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Helium-3 Position Sensitive Neutron Detector
Helium-3 Position Sensitive Neutron Detector

Position sensitive, high performance helium-3 detectors

Helium-3 Position Sensitive Neutron Detector

GE offers the Reuter Stokes helium-3 filled position sensitive detectors and standard helium-3 detectors for the neutron scattering industry.  The Reuter Stokes position sensitive detectors are used in neutron scattering facilities throughout the world and have become the benchmark detectors for the industry.  These detectors provide a scalable solution for everything from SANS instruments to large Time of Flight instruments. 

Since the helium-3 supply situation has stabilized we have been able to get a reliable supply of gas to enable us to continue to supply detectors for both small and large area coverage.

Product Features

Key Benefits
  • High resistive anode material to enable accurate position resolution through charge division.
  • Adjustable helium-3 pressures up to 30 bar to optimize detector efficiency from short to long neutron wavelengths.
  • Diameters of 8 mm up to >50 mm and active lengths up to 3 meters.
Other Benefits
  • Thin wall construction to minimize neutron absorption in the detector walls.
  • All brazed and welded construction to provide a long operational life.
  • Customized construction to enable a variety of connections and vacuum penetrations when required.
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