Helium-3 Gas Filled Proportional Detectors
Helium-3 Gas Filled Proportional Detectors

Comprehensive line of H-3 filled with proportional counters

Helium-3 Gas Filled Proportional Detectors

GE offers a comprehensive line of Reuter Stokes helium-3 filled neutron proportional counters. These neutron detectors provide very high neutron sensitivity, good gamma discrimination and long life service. These detectors are used in Nuclear Safeguards, Homeland Security, Industrial Gauging, Neutron Scattering and other scientific applications. Helium-3 detectors are the benchmark detector for neutron measurements in all of these industries.

GE Reuter Stokes continues to be the number one supplier in the world of these detectors and continues to get a reliable supply of the rare gas used in these detectors.

Product Features

Key Benefits

Over 10,000 different designs available

Customization of the detector design to meet your specific requirements with a technical staff to assure the detector meets your specific needs

Other Benefits

All welded and brazed construction to provide detectors with a long reliable life time of service

Ability to provide pressures up to 30 atmospheres to assure you can get the detector efficiency required

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