B10Plus+ Neutron Detector
B10Plus+ Neutron Detector

All the benefits of a BF3 detector without the hazardous gas

B10Plus+ Neutron Detector

GE's Reuter Stokes B10Plus+* detector is a new hybrid neutron proportional counter that combines the best of 10B lined and 3He proportional counters. GE’s B10Plus+* detectors offer all the benefits of a BF3 detector without the health and environmental hazards associated with the corrosive and poisonous BF3 gas.

Typical applications include road gauging, hand held neutron detectors and safeguards systems.

Product Features

Key Benefits

- High neutron sensitivity

- Low pressures and inert materials eliminating hazardous materials shipment requirements

Other Benefits

- All welded and brazed construction allowing for a hermetically sealed detector with a long life

- Minimizing the amount of 3He needed for a more cost effective solution

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