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Reuter-Stokes Nuclear Instrumentation

Over 50 years of leadership

Reuter-Stokes provides critical components to the Nuclear Instrumentation System (NIS), for source (SR), intermediate (IR), and power range (PR) neutron detectors including  both guarded (WG) and unguarded (WU) wide range detectors. Reuter-Stokes is a leader in the nuclear instrumentation with over 50 years experience and thousands of gamma and neutron detectors deployed.

In additional to neutron detectors, Reuter-Stokes provide several other components for BWR reactors, including environmental monitoring ion chambers, gamma thermometer LPRM probes, dry tube assemblies, position indicators and water chemistry probes.

Nuclear Instrumentation Features

60 years of experience

Reuter-Stokes has been supplying instrumentation to the nuclear industry since the 1950s. With this experience, Reuter-Stokes has established itself as an excellent partner to operators, developing better instruments with excellent reliability, sensitivity, and reduced service cycles.

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