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RSDetection Environmental Radiation Monitor
RSDetection Environmental Radiation Monitor

Providing reliable operation in extreme environments

RSDetection Environmental Radiation Monitor

The RSDetection*, the next generation Reuter Stokes environmental radiation monitor, provides superior technology for the detection and measurement of low-level gamma radiation. The RSDetection* remains rooted in the high pressure ionization chamber (HPIC) technology of prior offerings, while providing improvements in several key areas: sensitivity, reliability, and stability.

Product Features

Key Benefits

Enhanced Sensitivity and Performance – 10” diameter high pressure ionization chamber (HPIC) gamma detector. Excellent temperature stability. High accuracy (Zero stability: ± 0.5μR/hr; Gain stability: ±0.5% > 35μR/hr , ±3% < 35μR/hr).

Improved Reliability and Stability – Upgraded processing electronics design

Extended battery life – up to 48 hours** run time. Equipped with built-in battery charger.

Upgraded communications – Ethernet and 3 USB ports along with an RS-232 serial port for backward compatibility

**Nominal under normal unit operation

Other Benefits

Increased data capacity – 1 GB storage. Adjustable recording intervals, greater than 3M data points of storage.

Omni-directional – spherical HPIC is not subject to inherent Geiger- Mueller tube limitations.

Provides more uniform directionality and has higher sensitivity at lower dose rates.

Fast response time – Less than 10 seconds

**Nominal under normal unit operation