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PACE1001 Precision Barometer & Pressure Data Logger

An elegant and economical solution to barometric indication

PACE1001 Precision Barometer & Pressure Data Logger

Brings together the latest measurement technology from GE to offer an elegant, fast, flexible and economical solution to barometric indication & monitoring. Employs digitally characterized pressure sensors which offer the quality, stability and precision associated with this latest generation of resonant devices. Offers three levels of precision to accommodate specification and budget requirements, optional external IDOS universal pressure modules can be connected to add more pressure measurement capability.

Product Features

Key Benefits

Utilizes GE’s unique range of resonant pressure sensor technology
Pressure ranges 750-1150 mbar (10.9-16.7 psi) absolute
Choice of precision up to 0.025 mbar/0.0003625 psi
Data Logging as standard with on screen replay
Selectable numeric or graphic display
Airfield Task as standard: Display QFE, QFF or QNH in pressure units or as altitude in feet or meters
High resolution colour touch screen operation

Other Benefits

Intuitive icon driven task menu structure
RS232, IEEE connectivity, Ethernet and USB as standard
Leak Test Option
Switch Test/Analogue Output option
Switch Test/Voltage Free Contact option
Min/Max/Average display
Compatible with software packages
28 selectable pressure units plus 4 user defined units

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