UPS II - Portable Loop Calibrator
UPS II - Portable Loop Calibrator
UPS II - Portable Loop Calibrator

Advance Handheld Technology

UPS II - Portable Loop Calibrator

GE's UPS-II loop calibrator is an advanced handheld process calibrator tool from our Essential range. It can power (24 VDC) and read 2-wire transmitters to perform field calibrations.

Output currents are adjustable to a resolution of 10 microamps in both source and transmitter simulation.

Product Features

Core Function Test & Calibration

The UPS II, part of our Essential product range, is a day-to-day test and calibration tool you can rely on. GE Druck’s Essential product range is tough, reliable, accurate and easy to use. So you can get on with your job and trust our Essential range to do theirs. And if you need higher accuracy, or wider functionality, our Expert and Elite ranges have you covered.

Key Features
  • Sources and reads milliamps
  • Powers and reads 2-wire transmitters
  • Reads and simulates DP transmitters in % of flow
  • Auto-ramp cycling for endurance tests
  • Auto-stepping for hands-free calibration
  • Fixed calibration currents
  • Fixed currents for valve stroking
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