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PTX 400 Subsea Wellhead Pressure & Temperature Transmitters
PTX 400 Subsea Wellhead Pressure & Temperature Transmitters
PTX 400 Subsea Wellhead Pressure & Temperature Transmitters

Designed for Long-Term Use in Subsea Locations

PTX 400 Subsea Wellhead Pressure & Temperature Transmitters

The PTX 400 and Asterix series of pressure, temperature and combined pressure/temperature transmitters have been specifically designed for long term use in subsea locations. They enable accurate process measurements to be made directly on subsea wellheads and production manifolds. In addition, precision temperature measurement capability is provided by a fully integrated high performance platinum resistance type sensor.

Product Features

Asterix Subsea

The Asterix Subsea pT/TT transmitter is small and light and has a level of true accuracy, stability and reliability not found in ordinary transmitters. The enhanced mechanical design enables production, simplified handling and safer installation. The tubular high pressure design of the sensing element makes it robust to over-pressure and pressure spikes. The small dimension of the sensing element and similar mass properties such as the surrounding hydraulic oil makes the sensing element almost insensitive to shock and vibration.

  • Small & light
  • External pressure water depths up to 6000 m
  • Best in class accuracy: Total error band <±0.025%FS
  • Best in class stability: Long term stability <±0.02%FS/year enabling life of field accuracy of process control and flow measurements
  • Constructed for extreme pressures (0-1380 bar/0-20.000 psi) and temperatures (from -70°C to +200°C) (HP/HT)
  • Full redundancy options
  • No "cold" spot reducing risk for hydrates
  • Primary and secondary barrier all Alloy 625. All wetted parts Alloy 625 – no Inconel cladding
  • Standardized design for all product variants
  • Built on principles from 25 years of PT/TT designs  with improved and patented solutions based on more than 10 years of field experience
  • Design complies with recognized industry standards and is independently verified
  • Fully qualified to API, ISO, NORSOK, ASME and customer and oil company specific requirements
  • Full traceability and complete documentation package
PTX 400

PTX 400 is available in single and dual (redundant) configurations:

  • Measuring elements located close to the end of the flush probe design providing dynamic response
  • Calibrated Pressure Ranges up to 15,000 psi/1035 bar
  • Total Pressure Accuracies up to +/-0.025% FS
  • Temperature Ranges over –46 to +180ºC
  • Total Temperature Accuracy +/-0.2% FS
  • Qualified for operation down to -70ºC for cold start up gas wells
  • Qualified to 4500m/+14,500 ft seawater depth
  • Specified probe length
  • Quick product lead-time for short cycle projects
  • Broadest selection of mechanical interfaces – Duplex/Super Duplex with Alloy 625 Inlay or all Alloy 625 construction
  • Flange free versions available
  • Analogue and digital outputs available
  • Flexible connection interface to suit your requirement: Diver, ROV, MkII in single or dual (redundant configuration)
  • Micro-machined piezo resistive silicon pressure measuring technology
  • Design based on API performance requirement PR2 and product specification level PSL3
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