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Naxys A10 Acoustic Subsea Leak Detection Sensor
Naxys A10 Acoustic Subsea Leak Detection Sensor

Avoid Issues for Greater Efficiency

Naxys A10 Acoustic Subsea Leak Detection Sensor

GE's Naxys A10 sensor enables a new level of subsea visibility by detecting and identifying the leak source using sound analysis processing software that automatically notifies the topside operator.

With easy and flexible installation for greenfield and brownfield facilities down to 3,000 meters, Naxys A10 can help avoid issues earlier and tune system performance for greater efficiency that enhances operation and maintenance planning.

Product Features

  • Condition monitoring and leak detection of subsea facilities, including subsea processing
  • Wide area coverage of entire subsea installation and surrounding infrastructure
  • Monitoring of rotating machinery: Actual RPM, electric signature, slip ratio, vibrations levels and imbalance
  • Ability to locate leaks and trend leak rate
  • Structural vibration monitoring
  • Subsea data processing; low bandwidth requirement and low power consumption
  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Meet current and future regulations
  • Ensures efficient and correct operation of processing equipment
  • Early detection of equipment performance changes and failures
  • Part of condition based operation and predictive maintenance strategy
  • Avoid loss of production
  • Proactive positioning to build competence and technology experience
  • Wide area coverage
  • Simple deployment
  • Optimized sensitivity
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