RPS/DPS 8000 Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor
TERPS Silicon Pressure Sensor video
RPS/DPS 8000 Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor

Meeting Our Customers’ Requirements

RPS/DPS 8000 Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor

Since 1972, Druck has manufactured precision pressure sensors with a capability to meet critical applications in industrial, aerospace, oil and gas, and research environments. Today, Druck is part of GE Oil & Gas and has continually worked to develop and improve on the performance of our pressure sensors to meet our customers’ requirements.

Incorporating the exciting new TERPS technology (Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor) offers an order of magnitude greater performance over current technologies to provide the highest accuracy and stability sensor available.TERPS is a resonant silicon pressure sensor technology platform that provides an order of magnitude greater accuracy and stability than current pressure measurement technologies

It also significantly extends the pressure range capability conventionally associated with resonating pressure technology (RPT) sensors and enables robust packaging, suitable for harsh environments. The RPS/DPS 8000 resonant silicon pressure sensor is the first pressure sensor to incorporate GE's TERPS technology platform.

Product Features

Wide Selection of Features
  • High Precision, ±0.01% FS over compensated temperature range
  • High Stability, ±50 ppm FS/year (typical)
  • Wide temperature range, up to -55 to +125°C (-67 to 257°F)
  • Multiple Output configurations, RS232, RS485, USB 2.0, CAN Bus, Frequency & Diode (TTL)
  • Wide selection of pressure & electrical connections to suit specific requirements
  • Low acceleration effects
8000 Pressure Sensor
  • Welded 316L construction
  • Pressure ranges, 2 bar (30 psi) up to 70 bar (1000 psi)
8100 Pressure Sensor
  • Exposed silicon construction
  • Barometric pressure to an accuracy of +/-0.1mbar (0.1hpa)
  • Pressure range, 1 to 3.5 bar (15 to 50 psi)
  • Low g sensitivity
8200 Pressure Sensor
  • Media isolated construction in Welded Hastelloy C276 construction enabling use in harsh media such as sea water and sour gas
  • Pressure ranges, 2 bar (30 psi) up to 70 bar (1000 psi) 
  • Extends the operating temperature range to -40 °C to + 125 °C (-40 °F to 257° F)

A LabVIEW driver for all the smart versions of the TERPS family is now available free of charge from:
This will allow easier interfacing between LabVIEW and TERPS sensors with the RS 232 and RS 485 output options.

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