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PanaFlow Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter System

PanaFlow Z1G and PanaFlow Z2G

PanaFlow Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter System

The PanaFlow ultrasonic gas flow meter system is a high-performance, yet affordable solution for a variety of gas flow applications. It consists of two models, the one-path PanaFlow Z1G and the two-path PanaFlow Z2G. Both offer accuracy, rangeability and reliability in robust, sleek meter designs.

These meters bring together Panametrics expertise in flare gas flow metering with the advantages of ultrasonics for affordable, high-performance gas flow measurement. These meters are designed specifically to measure high-impurity gases. Their all-cast meter bodies have no welds to adversely impact flow dynamics so that high accuracy measurement is possible, even under low flow conditions. The ultra high-power transducers, similar to those used in thousands of Panametrics flare gas meter installations worldwide, are designed for conditions of extreme condensate and impurities and for continuous operation, even in the harshest process conditions.

Product Features

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