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flare.IQ Flare Optimization Software Solution

Reduce your carbon footprint without significant capital expenditure

flare.IQ Advanced Flare Control Platform

Flare.IQ solution is an advanced flare control platform that can reduce methane emissions, ensure high efficiency flare combustion, and reduce steam usage in flare systems. The Flare.IQ solution combines Panametrics domain knowledge and proven track record in flare gas flow measurement with BHGE’s world-class controls expertise. flare.IQ is pre-programmed with all required algorithms necessary to address the most difficult aspects of proper flare control. For refiners in the United States, flare.IQ is designed to help you meet the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency's Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) Petroleum Refinery Sector Rule (RSR) Part 63.670. Even if you operate a flare in a non-regulated environment, BHGE’s patent-pending process optimization algorithms provide near-continuous feedback on flare performance that will help drive down operational cost with reduced steam and supplemental gas consumption.

Increase efficiency of the complete flare system

Using predictive modeling, the patent pending steam control algorithm draws correlations between the flare flow conditions in the system and the required steam input to optimize the steam flow for no visible emissions at the flare. Through patented technology, flare.IQ can overcome the latency associated with the heating value (BTU) measurement using a gas chromatograph. flare.IQ provides near-continuous feedback of the heating value in the flare gas, allowing an operator to dynamically adjust the make-up/supplemental gas flow rate to ensure the maximum burn efficiency in the flare.

Ensure compliance to RSR 63.670

flare.IQ is fully equipped with all the software algorigthms required to meet RSR 63.670, eliminating the requirement for software development. The software-based solution is housed in an easy-to-install QNX-based industrial controller that connects directly with the existing control system via Modbus TCP/IP. flare.IQ provides the control system with the provisional control setpoints for both make-up/supplemental gas and steam flow rates that are in compliance with RSR 63.670.

Reduce implementation cost, time, and risk

With flare.IQ, scheduling and implementation risks to meet a compliance deadline are reduced. The pre-programmed algorithms allow the control engineer to focus on optimizing the overall operation of the flare system by reducing the need to allocate resources for programming the regulatory requirements.

Smarter technologies for the planet

flare.IQ is a turnkey solution. It is designed to optimize the performance of the entire flare system. This system can help refineries meet regulatory requirements and significantly reduce the threat of methane emissions, as well as drive down operational costs by reducing seam and supplemental gas consumption.

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Aligning to methane guiding principles

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