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Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) measures concentration of gas mixtures. The tunable diode lasers are known for their excellent speed of response and accuracy. This type of technology is able to analyze moisture measurements from very low PPM to percentage levels. 

The Panametrics TDLAS portfolio consists of hygrometers that have intuitive interfaces, are easy to configure and operate and have a low cost of ownership because they require no recalibration. Our state-of-the-art tunable diode laser technology is proven through a rigorous testing process and can withstand the harshest elements; extreme heat, frigid cold and high humidity. 

The Panametrics TDLAS Hygrometer or the Aurora product line consists of:

  • The Aurora, this easy to learn, configure and operate transmitter is able to provide immediate alerts if the process upsets or the moisture concentration becomes noncompliant. 
  • The Aurora TransPort, an on-the-go moisture analyzer, it is light-weight and portable and designed for on-the-go measurements and spot-checking. 
  • The Aurora 19 moisture analyzer is able to provide an accurate measurement from a very low PPM in applications where there is; metal heat treating furnace gases, industrial and inert gas, glove boxes, compressed air, desiccant and membrane dryer testing and monitoring, testing and calibration. 

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