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MG101 Hygrometer Calibration Equipment
MG101 Hygrometer Calibration Equipment

Precise and Accurate System

MG101 Hygrometer Calibration Equipment

GE's Panametrics MG101 Hygrometer Calibration System is used to generate precise, repeatable levels of water vapor in a carrier gas stream. This primary dewpoint / frostpoint generation system achieves an accuracy of ±1°C within a continuously adjustable range. It may be used to recalibrate or verify calibration of GE Panametrics aluminum oxide hygrometer probes. In addition, it may be used to generate an accurate reproducible water concentration in a gas for any purpose.


Product Features

Accuracy Generation
  • Generates precise, repeatable levels of water vapor in carrier gas
  • Generation range is -75° to 10°C frost/dew point (at typical ambient temperatures)
  • Accurate field calibration/verification of moisture sensors
  • Inherently explosion-proof - does not use electrical power
  • Uses either dry air or nitrogen as the source gas
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