DigitalFlow XGF868i Ultrasonic Flare Gas Mass Flow Transmitter
DigitalFlow XGF868i Ultrasonic Flare Gas Mass Flow Transmitter
DigitalFlow XGF868i Ultrasonic Flare Gas Mass Flow Transmitter

Low-cost, Compact, and Explosion-proof/Flame-proof

DigitalFlow XGF868i Ultrasonic Flare Gas Mass Flow Transmitter

The Panametrics DigitalFlow XGF868i is a low-cost, compact, and explosion-proof/flame-proof transmitter version of the Panametrics DigitalFlow GF868 flare gas mass flow meter. The XGF868i not only improves the efficiency of petrochemical plants, refineries and offshore platforms, but is used to conserve energy and reduce product loss by identifying sources of leaks into flare systems. It also improves compliance with pollution control regulations and reduces energy usage by accurately controlling the amount of steam fed to the flare tip.

Performance Testing and Documentation

With the largest installed base in the world, Panametrics flare gas flow meters have established a track record of accuracy through actual field operations and through third-party calibration testing. Customers now have an option of receiving detailed, customized documentation of performance directly from BHGE, where in-house calibration facilities test their meters to demonstrate uncertainties of better than 2%. This gives peace-of-mind assurance to customers requiring documented proof for regulatory compliance or for those who demand better than standard 2 to 5% accuracy during a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). With this option, customers could avoid costly and time-consuming third-party testing.

Product Features

Various Measurements
  • CSA, ATEX, and IECEx certifications
  • Operates reliably even under unsteady flow, pulsating pressure, varying composition and temperature, harsh environments and the wide flow ranges typical of flare systems
  • Measures velocity, volumetric and mass flow
  • Delivers accurate flow rate, independent of gas composition
  • Measures instantaneous average molecular weight
  • Flow velocity is measurable from 0.1 to 394 ft/s (0.03 to 120 m/s) in pipes or stack sizes up to 120 in (3 m) in diameter
  • Bi-directional velocity range: -328 to 328 ft/s (-100 to 100 m/s) 
  • Accurate low flow rate measurement, 4000-to-1 turndown ratio
  • One- or two-path configurations
  • Allows cross flow immunity in large pipes
  • Minimal maintenance due to no moving parts, no holes or tubes, and tolerance to dirty or wet conditions
  • No pressure drop
  • Field-proven installation techniques
  • Easy serviceability
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