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Flow measurement at its best, with low operational costs and no maintenance required


As the leader in flare gas metering, BHGE leverages its expertise in gas flow measurement across the DigitalFlow family of inline and clamp-on process gas and inline steam meters. This experience also contributes to new approaches for flare optimization to ensure customers meet environmental and performance goals.

The PanaFlow range of liquid and gas meters is focused on providing best-in-class performance with little to no operational costs. Ultrasonic technology offers the best in life cycle costs versus most other technologies and is optimum for process control and monitoring, including SIL applications.

AquaTrans clamp-on flow meters offer the perfect solution for a broad range of process liquid flow applications, including water/wastewater, industrial, HVAC, hydroelectric, and agriculture. Installed directly on a pipe without shutting down the process, AquaTrans meters are ruggedly built to be left in place without maintenance and calibration.

Portable TransPort clamp-on meters offer good options for saving time and money in making spot or check metering scenarios. Installed quickly on a pipe, these meters make independent flow measurements that can validate permanent flow meter performance or check process flow conditions. The new TransPort PT900 makes these tasks even easier, with new clamping fixtures that can be installed in minutes and an app-driven user interface on a tablet.


flare.IQ Provides Continuous Feedback on Flare Performance

Flare operators can meet regulations and drive down operational cost by reducing steam and supplemental gas consumption with flare.IQ. This turnkey hardware/software solution provides active control of flare systems.

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