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Sentinel meters provide peace of mind for pipeline operations

Custody Transfer Flow Measurement

The change in ownership of high-value assets such as natural gas, crude or petroleum products at process transfer points demands high accuracy and custody transfer-level flow measurement to meet the strict accuracy requirements of regional approval authorities. This accuracy is critical when monetary transactions are involved.

Pipeline leaks are a tremendous risk. They can harm people and the environment. They cost pipeline companies large sums of money in product and throughput loss and in downtime for repairs and cleanup. They damage company credibility and reputation and can result in loss of licenses to operate. Operators choose custody transfer ultrasonic flow meters with custody transfer performance because accuracy and repeatability are critical for sensitivity to leaks and for preventing false alarms.


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Sentinel liquid custody transfer meter monitors for leak detection

Chinese pipeline company uses Sentinel LCT custody transfer flow meters to monitor their 800-kilometer pipeline for leaks and to calculate flow volume.

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