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Sentinel meters provide peace of mind for pipeline operators

Custody transfer flow measurement

The ownership transactions of high-value raw and refined assets such as petroleum and crude demands accurate and custody transfer-level flow measurement to meet the strict requirements of regional authorities. Pipeline leaks are one risk factor that needs to be monitored to avoid harm to people and the environment. Additionally leaks that occur can cost your company money in product and throughput loss in downtime for repairs, cleanup, and damage company reputation resulting in loss of licenses to operate.

Panametrics provides custody transfer leak detection using a multipath inline flow meter. This multipath method allows for a wide range of measurement for liquid hydrocarbons. Additionally our Sentinel product line is certified OIML R117 for legal meteorology.   

The Sentinel custody transfer ultrasonic flow meter is able to provide peace of mind to pipeline owners by reducing pipeline shutdown and risk of leaks occurring, increase product protection, and increases the company credibility. Operators that choose Sentinel with custody transfer performance find accurate and repeatable flow measurements in critical environments that are sensitive to leaks. 



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