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Druck Single Function Test Tool Instrumentation

Rugged, accurate and easy-to-use test tools

Druck’s Essential test tool instrumentation range are workhorse instruments for process industries and industrial applications. They are designed to be cost effective, rugged, hard wearing and simple to use, yet accuracy and functionality is never compromised. Whether the task is setting up a pressure transducer or conducting an electrical loop calibration, Druck’s Essential test tools range deliver accuracy and fast performance at a low cost of ownership.  Druck’s pressure indicators, pressure gauges, electrical loop calibrators and pressure hand pumps are easy to use and perform reliably over their lifespan.  Maximize your calibration productivity and minimize costs with Druck’s Essential test tool instrumentation range.

Single Function Test Instrumentation

Key Features of our Essential Test Tool Instrumentation range

 Easy-to-use with simple menu-driven operation and time saving features

 Clear, easy to read displays

 Common user interface

 High accuracy

 Powerful functionality


• Reliable, robust & strong design

• Cost effective

Druck's Expert and Elite range of calibrators

If you need greater functionality Druck's high performance Expert range provides incredible calibration capability built around our market leading reliability, accuracy and ease of-use. This high accuracy range gives you high quality portable calibration for electrical, temperature and pressure applications. Druck's Elite portable calibrator range include Druck’s DPI 620 Genii Series - the most accurate, easy to use and comprehensive portable calibration system available.  

Easy-to-use, Accurate and High-Quality Hand Pumps

Hand pumps are an essential part of any pressure test or calibration system.  Druck’s PV hand pump range consists of fully portable pneumatic, hydraulic and vacuum pumps. These high quality, high performance hand pumps are designed for ease of use and reliability. Models are available to suit the widest range of applications from very low to high pneumatic pressures and for very high pressure hydraulic systems. A choice of adaptors and hoses simplify device connections, reduce leakage and improve safety whilst flexible pump kits provide added.

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