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Commercial Aircraft

Every aircraft relies on the accuracy of its instrumentation. Factors like airspeed and altitude are essential for a pilot to fly an aircraft safely. That’s why, just as it’s important to have the best instruments on board, it’s also necessary to have the best possible air data test sets to ensure those instruments’ peak performance at all times.

GE air data test sets are the best in the industry for calibrating aircraft systems. Our pitot static testers have the highest degree of accuracy in on-board testing. They’re RVSM compliant and fully programmable, allowing for aviation testing of all different aircraft types. And that includes specifications for both civil and military aircraft.

The design of our aircraft pitot static testing systems is based on over 25 years of real field experience and customer feedback. The design has evolved along with instrument technology, to give you the features and functionality that best serve your needs. Our testers are compact and portable. They’re also powerful, high performance devices, which are simple to use and easy to maintain.

Whether you’re testing airspeed, vertical speed, engine pressure ratio, or any number of other factors, accuracy is your chief concern. And when it comes to accurate testing, it’s important to rely on GE. We’re the industry leader in aircraft pitot static testing, and we have what it takes to keep your flights safe and smooth at all times.


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