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Air Data Test Sets (ADTS)

Air data test sets (ADTS), also referred to as Pitot Static testers, are used for testing and calibrating airspeed and aircraft pitot-static systems. In the Aviation industry, testing is required when on-board instruments are manufactured, repaired, calibrated or integrated into the aircraft.

The ADTS 500 Series of pitot static testers provides a smarter way to perform standard aircraft maintenance, troubleshooting, fault-finding and emergency aircraft on ground instrumentation validation. They are designed for ease of use. Featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology, the ADTS Touch hand terminal removes the need to run cables or hoses to the cockpit. It has an icon-driven, swipe-screen interface that makes navigating to and the performance of tasks swift and intuitive.

ADTS 405 MkII brings reliability and high accuracy into our highest performance air data test set. The rugged, compact design has evolved as a result of BHGE’s continuous research and development, customer feedback and experience gained from manufacturing thousands of automatic pressure controllers. This has enabled performance, maintainability, and operational simplicity to be optimized into this industry-leading instrument.


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