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4Sight2 Calibration Management Software

Smart, Scalable and Easy to use

4Sight2 from Druck is calibration management that is easy to use, cost effective and scalable. Equally effective for single use or global multi-site operations, this software is designed to

empower your organization to operate simply and securely, connecting your people to instruments,data, and enhanced analytics.


Purpose-built with custom installation support available, 4Sight2 is designed to deliver actionable intelligence and transformative insights. Developed in-house, the bespoke software package enhances the visibility of your assets and data, helping you plan resources that impact effective maintenance, process efficiency and regulatory compliance.


Easy to use and Accessible

4Sight2 allows significantly lower investment costs and minimal IT requirement costs in terms of server support, upgrade management and data backup. Users can simply log in to the application software from a browser, with location and PC compatibility.  Alternatively, 4Sight2 may be installed directly on a company server.  We offer a range of supported installation options if required.

Compliant, Audit-ready, real time management

Managing your installed base of instrumentation can be a challenging task, regardless of its size.  4Sight2 offers seamless integration with BHGE’s calibration equipment, providing automatic task downloads and direct uploads of results, removing the need for manual work arounds.  4Sight2 gives you simple control over calibration and maintenance workflow and data, along with automated worksheets and insights into performance management, ensuring compliant, audit-ready data.

Smart Asset Management

4Sight2 enables access to mobile paperless calibrations, automated field calibration and deviation management.  Users can record the cause of deviations, investigate the reasons and focus on a resolution. The audit trail demonstrates that a robust solution is in place to manage deviations with strict procedures for corrective action and preventative action (CAPA), reducing operator error and improving overall quality.

Predictive maintenance

4Sight2’s historical trending module allows a device’s performance to be monitored over time.  This powerful feature is a key tool in improving efficiency and planning preventative maintenance, helping to:

• Plan robust preventative actions

 Determine the most cost effective and reliable devices and manufacturers

• Extend calibration intervals

• Optimize your process

Available Enhancements

Further enhance your calibration management capabilities with the following enhancements which are available to add to Druck's 4Sight2 calibration management software:

• Smart analytics

• Dashboard capability

• Maintenance module

• Automated calibrations with controllers

• Configurable certificates

• Messages and alerts


• Scalable support and service packages are available

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