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Panametrics Flare Management System

Partnering with customers to optimize flare control


Baker Hughes’ Panametrics is an early innovator in flare measurement. This has evolved extensively over the years and now focused on helping customers control flare efficiency using an advanced process control algorithm with flare.IQ, in conjunction with our ultrasonic flowmeters and services.

It all starts with extensive knowledge of flare applications and how the ultrasonic meter provides more than just flow information. Since the 1970s, Panametrics has used ultrasonic meters to provide a better way to measure many applications, but the unique requirements of flare gas applications required many of the benefits. We develop a meter that could hand low end flow for normal operation, and continue to measure during upset conditions where flow range would exceed traditional technologies. The meter has no restrictions and won’t create backpressure which can cause safety issues in flares. And a unique aspect of our ultrasonic meter is it can determine the molecular weight of the hydrocarbon gas, yielding a mass flow measurement and an ability to help identify what gas is flaring.

Today the needs for flare systems has moved beyond just knowing the flow and understanding the bulk molecular weight. With increased pressure to reduce overall impact on environment by reducing emissions, especially with gases like methane, accuracy of these meters are more important. Additionally, the ability to use that information to control a flare systems combustion efficiency is critical. Panametrics has solved this using diagnostics from the flare meter, with new advanced process control algorithms, to determine the BTU content of the flare gas. With this, we have been able to control flare assist systems to achieve 98% CE. Many of the baseline conditions were between 75-90% depending on control schemes.

160k mT CO2 Eq annual reduction per 500 bbl/day refined possible
Over 40 years experience in flare instrumentation
25 Flare experts, in four regions, supporting over 150 countries

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