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1800 Series Transducers & Transmitters for Hydrostatic Liquid Measurement

High-Performance Sensors

1800 Series Transducers & Transmitters for Hydrostatic Liquid Measurement

The PDCR 1800 transducer (mV output) and PTX 1800 transmitter (4-20 mA output) are the latest generation of fully submersible high performance sensors for measurement of hydrostatic liquid levels.The combination of a high technology sensor, together with advanced signal conditioning and packaging techniques, provides an ideal longterm solution for reliable, accurate and economical level measurements.

The micromachined silicon element is sealed within an all titanium pressure module assembly, fully isolated from the pressure media. This is contained in a slimline, welded titanium body, terminated in an injection moulded cable assembly. The cable features a kevlar strain cord and is IP68 rated for indefinite immersion in 700 mH2O, with a selection of cable material to meet the application for the pressure sensors.


The 1800 Series incorporates many enhanced features gained from experience in supplying thousands of sensors for small and large scale installations worldwide. Example applications include:

  • Potable Water: From ground water borehole to surface water level measurements in rivers, canals and reservoirs.

  • Waste Water and Remediation: Monitoring of secondary and out flow sewage levels and contaminated ground water levels in land fill sites.

  • Tank Level: From land based liquid storage vessels to on-board ship ballast tank monitoring.

  • Sea Water: Marine environmental applications, including tide gauging, coastal flood protection and wave profiling, amongst others.

1800 Series Transducers & Transmitters for Hydrostatic Liquid Measurement

Product Features

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