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Testing to the Limits


Built for accuracy and precision, Druck pressure sensors are one of the leading technologies in the world of industrial testing for automotive applications. When it comes to data gathering in automotive applications there are three key areas to consider: test applications, on-vehicle test and engine test cells. As a result, our sensor technology has been developed to support some of the most rigorous, challenging and precise applications. Our high accuracy pressure sensors are highly suited for use in these challenging industrial applications.

RPS/DPS 8000 Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor

Incorporating the exciting new TERPS technology (Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor) the DPS 8000 offers an order of magnitude greater performance over current technologies to provide the highest accuracy and stability sensor available. The pressure range capability is also significantly extended alongside having robust packaging, suitable for harsh environments. 


An incredibly flexible silicon pressure sensor solution incorporating a wide range of accuracies, outputs, temperature ranges and physical constructions. UNIK 5000 is configured specifically to your application requirements and needs with our design process offering over 200 million configurations - bringing accuracy, productivity and safety.


DPS5000 is a part of the UNIK5000 family, offering integrated digital electronics to enhance the performance level. DPS5000 also offers improved connectivity; CANOpen for test cell or control applications and I²C digital direct interface to OEM's micro-controller systems. 



Druck Pressure Sensors

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