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High sensitivity, excellent quality, downhole instrumentation

MWD/LWD Instrumentation by Reuter-Stokes

Reuter-Stokes provides instrumentation for your downhole operations. We provide neutron and gamma detection and spectroscopy to ensure you have the best data for you logging while drilling (MWD) operations. Our unique ruggedization design ensures largest crystals can be used in operations, while keeping sensitive equipment safe from damage in these extreme applications. More light from our design means faster and better identification of formation characteristics.

Reuter-Stokes’ measure while drilling (MWD) orientation module will ensure you stay on course. Each system is fully factory calibrated in a start of the art facility to ensure equipment is working to specification when it arrives at the drilling rig.

Reuter-Stokes invests equally in our production capability, recently adding ### sq. ft of production space, to ensure we have to capacity to deliver quality and reliable instrumentation on time, never leaving your rig waiting for proper LWD and MWD components.

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