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​About phoenix|x-ray​


Founded by a visionary team of X-ray technology experts in 1999 in a double garage in Wunstorf, Germany, phoenix|x-ray became very fast a leading innovator in and highest resolving 2D X-ray inspection systems for electronic package and solder joint analysis in electronics manufacturing, especially after inventing the first industrial nanofocus X-ray tube in 2001.

But 2D X-ray inspection was not enough: In contrast to the customary X-ray 2D projection methods, computed tomography (CT) can display overlapping parts separately and also allows nondestructive measurements of hidden surfaces. But, until that time, non-destructive testing with high-resolution computed tomography has only been feasible with immense constructions in larger scientific laboratories. In 2003, phoenix|x-ray was closing this technological gap by offering a highly resolving CT system for the broad industrial public - the new “v|tome|x” (pronounce: vee-tomex) product family.

In 2007, phoenix|x-ray was acquired by GE Inspection Technologies - and now part of Baker Hughes, a GE company. By combining its high resolution inspection and industrial CT technology range with the high power minifocus casting X-ray inspection business of Seifert, both heritage brands offer one of worlds widest solutions portfolio today for industrial X-ray inspection and CT solutions: the x|plore industrial X-ray & CT line

In the past decade, the former phoenix|x-ray business continued its innovation driven growth with the development in electronics inspection as well as premium performance and high throughput CT. As only industrial CT manufacturer, the x|plore line provides CT solutions with all core hard- and software components being proprietary, such as X-ray tubes, generators, digital detectors, acquisition- and reconstruction software and various patented innovations making industrial CT faster and more precise, such as unique scatter|correct artifact reduction technique, high-flux|target or ruby|plate and true|position to improve 3D metrology workflows and accuracy.

For its contributions to the industrial CT systems market, GE Inspection Technologies' CT business has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Company of the Year Award. The business headquarters, including R&D, product management, sales, inspection services, Customer Solutions Center (CSC) and several production plants are located in Wunstorf, near Hannover in northern Germany, with many other CSCs around the globe.

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