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Straight Beam Probes
  • Used for: general purpose, forgings, billets, plates, bars, square profiles, containers, machine components, shells
  • Single element, abrasion resistant and replaceable membrane contact probes
Angle Beam Probes
  • Used for: maximum versatility and service life in many applications
  • Easy to use, integrated or replaceable wedges
  • Good penetration in inhomogeneous material (composites and cast structure)
  • Lemo and Microdot connectors; quick change and screw mounted styles
  • Custom wedges and curvatures can be special ordered
Thickness Probes
  • Dual element transducer for general flaw detection and thickness gauging on materials with irregular or pitted surfaces
  • Easy to use and very accurate
Immersion Probes
  • Applications:
    • Critical applications to improve near surface resolution or sensitivity to small discontinuities
    • Wall thickness measurement
    • Small flaw testing in this welded joints, cracks, cavities and pores in high quality castings
    • Cracks in fitting made of brass or bronze
  • Optiized for water scan tests, geometrically focused for best resolution