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Mentor Visual iQ Video Borescope
Mentor Visual iQ Video Borescope

Inspect in High Definition

Mentor Visual iQ Videoprobe™

Inspect in high definition. The latest generation Mentor Visual iQ is the first portable HD, 3D measurement-enabled video borescope system. It delivers cutting edge HD image quality with TrueSight™, a rugged and ergonomic design, and advanced detection and analysis powered by Real3D™. So you can improve your Probability of Detection (POD) and make more informed decisions, faster.

Fully connected with Bluetooth and WiFi-enablement, it comes equipped with advanced software for fast and easy remote collaboration. With a wide selection of interchangeable probes and platform configurations, it provides the versatility to meet all your inspection needs.

And now, it’s 200% brighter and 30% more versatile. With a faster processor and upgraded touchscreen controller with an improved viewing angle range, you can see more than ever before.


The Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe from GE

Features and Benefits

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