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Based at the headquarters of GE's phoenix|x-ray product business, the Customer Solutions Center (CSC) in Wunstorf / Hannover offers customers world's widest range of professional X-ray services performed with phoenix|x-ray systems such as X-ray inspection and industrial Computed Tomography (CT) services, training and expert technical support.

Application fields are automated 2D X-ray inspection (AXI) with the phoenix x|aminer, microme|x and nanome|x micro- and nanofocus systems as well as mini- micro- and nanoCT® scans for failure analysis and high precision metrology performed with the phoenix v|tome|x c HS, L and s systems as well as with the v|tome|x m metrology|edition for extremely high precision measurments of plastic or metal parts in a specific metrology lab. Extremely high resolution nanoCT scans can also be performed with nanotom s and m systems.


Micro- and nanofocus electronics X-ray Inspection AXI

Micro- and nanofocus electronics X-ray Inspection AXI with live CAD and inspection data overlay and advanced Flash! Filters® imaging.


Failure analysis and precision metrology with industrial CT

The Wunstorf TSC offers the full variety of GE's phoenix|x-ray v|tome|x and nanotom CT scanners covering the full inspection range from high resolving nanoCT scans of small samples up to powerful minifocus CT scans of large aluminum castings or high absorbing turbine blades with GE's advanced scatter|correct technology. 


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GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies GmbH 
Customer Solutions Center
Niels-Bohr-Str. 7 
31515 Wunstorf 
Tel.: +49 5031 172-100

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