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speed|scan CT 64
speed|scan CT 64

High-speed industrial helix inlineCT system

Speed|scan CT 64

Fully Automated high-speed industrial Computed Tomography (CT) for production process control and optimization

Inspection Technologie’s speed|scan CT 64 is a new automated high-speed industrial computed tomography(CT) system for production process control and optimization. Advanced medical GE gantry based CT provides technology that has been established over a period of nearly four decades and now is available for revolutionary high-speed process control in industry. The CT 64 system is 4x faster than the first speed|scan generation and several hundred times faster than conventional industrial fan beam CT.

Optionally equipped with a robot, the speed|scan CT 64 system offers unique process optimization and quality assurance possibilities for up to 100% fully automated inlineCT inspection.

GE's Fully Automated Industrial CT Solutions: v|tome|x m & speed|scan CT

Product Features

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