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phoenix v|tome|x m

Industrial CT scanner for 3D metrology and analysis

​phoenix v|tome|x m

The latest generation phoenix v|tome|x m delivers more accurate measurements at higher speeds than ever before. It’s the most powerful X-ray microfocus CT system designed for 3D metrology and analysis—providing industry-leading magnification at 300 kV. This system is the world’s first scanner with scatter|correct technology, to automatically removing scatter artifacts for higher image quality so you can reduce scan time from hours to minutes. And with a variety of proprietary premium CT technologies, the v|tome|x m revolutionizes CT inspections—delivering faster scans and higher throughputs, without compromising image quality.

phoenix v|tome|x m

Contact us to learn how our micro- and nanoCT solutions help you perform 3D inspection and metrology tasks with high resolution and accuracy.

Product Features

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