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phoenix vtomex m

Improving profit, safety and throughput via 3D CT Scanning Metrology

​phoenix v|tome|x m

Our powerful industrial computer tomography (CT) system, designed for 3D metrology and analysis, provides industry-leading magnification at 300 kV. It is the world’s first scanner with scatter|correct technology, to automatically remove scatter artifacts for higher image quality. With a variety of proprietary premium CT technologies, the phoenix v|tome|x m revolutionizes 3D CT metrology -- delivering faster scans and higher throughputs, without compromising image quality.

CT Scanning Metrology at Higher Accuracy, Higher Speeds
→ Industry-leading magnification at 300kV
→ High-quality images via scatter|correct technology
→ High-speed scans

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Industrial CT scanner for 3D metrology and analysis

Key Solution Characteristics

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