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Superior image quality X-ray detector for 2D radiographic inspection and high resolution CT with doubled resolution or doubled throughput compared with state of the art DXR detectors

Premium CT results in less time

dynamic 41|100 - Superior Image Quality X-Ray Detector

  • The dynamic 41|100 is the first product in GE Inspection Technologies’ next generation industrial X-ray flat panel X-ray detector platform. At approx. 410 x 410 mm² (16"x16") detection area and 100 µm pixel size, it combines superior image quality with improved detection speed.
  • Based on proprietary X-ray detector technology, Inspection Technologies exclusively offers its first 100 µm, 16M pixel detector designed and optimized exclusively for rough and high-energy industrial X-ray applications to its radiography and CT customers. GE’s proprietary EnduranceTM CSI scintillator offers superior resolution and brightness compared to conventional GadOx or other powder based scintillators.

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