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Premium CT performance for faster, high-quality inspections and measurements

CT Casting inspection

Combined with flexible service offerings, we’re enabling 3D high-speed process control across a variety of industries, meeting your 3D metrology or failure analysis need to ensure greater safety, quality and efficiency.

The phoenix|x-ray CT solutions range of Inspection Technologies has been awarded by Frost & Sullivan as CT technology innovator as well as for leadership in the CT market. 

Learn more about the CT solutions best fitting to your inspection and measurement need:

The phoenix v|tome|x (=volume tomography with x-ray) industrial CT scanner family includes mostly high flexible dual|tube systems for maximized inspection flexibility in research and production:

phoenix v|tome|x s, m and L 300 are able to combine extremely high resolving 180 kV nanoCT with powerful 240 or 300 kV microCT for larger or higher absorbing samples

Systems of choice for even more larger or higher absorbing samples such as metal castings like cylinder heads or aviation fan blades are the phoenix v|tome|x c 450 and L 450 – additionally to its high power 450 kV minifocus X-ray tube the L comes also with an option for high resolving 300 kV microCT

With its unique medical gantry based CT setup, the speed|scan CT 64 allows inline and atline CT of high numbers of large light metal castings. By scanning a cylinderhead in less than 20 seconds, full statistical 3D production control becomes possible

To scan small parts with highest detail detectability in the submicron range, the phoenix nanotom m is the first choice for scientists and engineers analyse the structure of smallest structures and assemblies with advanced nanoCT


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CT casting inspection and 3D metrology

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