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Quantitative Improvements: The Real Impact of Greater Efficiency, Precision, and Accuracy

As compliance regulations tighten across industries, increasing pressures for more precise inspections continue to mount. At the same time, organizations must also grapple with the challenges of reducing operating costs, while simultaneously making process and testing improvements. The need for faster, more accurate inspections—and the tools required to achieve them—has never been greater.

New advancements in high-definition (HD) technology provide more pixels per image. This gives inspectors unprecedented image quality and enables digital zoom as a powerful tool.

Such technological progress will help organizational leaders and inspectors alike within these sectors tackle many of the most daunting challenges they face.

Solutions for Aerospace


Composite use in Aircraft and Automobiles has dramatically increased over the past several years. Composites are now used in a variety of safety critical parts from large aircraft wing sections to very complex 3D components with very demanding inspection requirements. BHGE Inspection Technologie's composite inspection systems are designed specifically with two things in mind – find defects that could lead to part failures and do so at very high throughput rates to keep up with industry need.

Turbine & blades

Imagine a turbine blade manufacturer being able to fully examine and measure parts during the production process, or a manufacturer of 3-D printed parts being able to check for defects in complex internal structures in real time. CT can now be used as a powerful quality control and process optimization tool, providing fast inspection and accurate 3-D measurement of components which are difficult to examine by conventional two dimensional (2D) radiography or coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

Cast parts

Forged and cast metallic parts are used extensively in a variety of critical applications in nearly every industrial segment.  In many cases these parts are inspected by hand – often subjective and inaccurate methods. BHGE Inspections Technologies overcome this subjectivity by providing accurate, repeatable results at high throughput rates. By seamlessly integrating these powerful and robust system configurations, you can raise your inspections to new levels of quality and performance.

Services & Support

BHGE provides customers with an experienced staff of customer support personnel ready to respond to technical inquiries, remote and onsite support needs.

To complement our broad portfolio of industry-leading solutions, we offer several types of flexible and scalable support services including training, product repairs, service agreements and more.