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Precision 3D printing needs precision 3D scanning

Additive manufacturing enables the creation of more complex parts than ever before. Fortunately, there is one technique ready to inspect and measure complex internal structures that can’t be seen by any other nondestructive testing method: Industrial CT.

Advanced CT enables design optimization, component validation and quality control for additive manu-factured parts at the speed of production. GE’s CT systems combine the power of advanced healthcare components and unique high throughput technologies to create and analyze volumetric data sets of the as-built component with the speed and accuracy to support needs ranging from prototyping to production.

Solutions for Additive & Industrial Manufacturing

Powder Characterization

Check powder grain sphericity & size, distribution, porosity inside the grains, foreign particle contamination

AM Machine Validation

Verify system performance, merge with in-situ monitoring

Component Optimization

Conduct rapid prototyping, quality assurance (failure analysis, dimensional measuring, pre-machining tests, print process optimization) of printed workpieces

Quality Assurance

Perform CT measurements to help defining guidelines in volumetric inspection, complementing to standard NDT techniques for surface and below surface inspection

Services & Support

BHGE provides customers with an experienced staff of customer support personnel ready to respond to technical inquiries, remote and onsite support needs.

To complement our broad portfolio of industry-leading solutions, we offer several types of flexible and scalable support services including training, product repairs, service agreements and more.