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​x|series X-ray CT Overview

x|series - industrial X-ray & CT

x|series is Inspection Technologies´ product line combining 3 advanced industrial radiography and CT systems solutions for an extremely wide range of inspection applications. Users benefit from exclusive technology innovations of worlds only CT system manufacturer with most proprietary core hard- and software components such as X-ray tubes, detectors and generators from one hand:

x|series precision CT line
For extremely high resolving and highly accurate R&D and 3D metrology lab CT applications, performed with micro- and nanoCT systems like phoenix nanotom m or the premium CT scanner phoenix v|tome|x m using unique proprietary CT innovations such as scatter|correct, high-flux|target or ruby|plate.

x|series production CT line
For high throughput inspection without comprising 2D and 3D image quality on the production floor, allowing up to 100% inline inspection for improved productivity and quality. Product solutions are the Seifert x|cube family for 2D radiography and phoenix v|tome|x c as well as speed|scan for automated production CT.

x|series performance line
For extremely high defect coverage micro- and nanofocus automated x-ray inspection (AXI) of electronics such as semiconductors and SMT boards with hidden solder joints with optional 3D CT. Product solutions are the phoenix systems x|aminer, microme|x and the premium nanofocus system nanome|x.

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