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Reliable results with premium radiography and CT solutions


Get more reliable, faster, smarter inspections with our premium radiography solutions. From conventional film radiography to 3D computed tomography, metrology, and X-ray systems, our wide range of powerful equipment and software offerings are designed to address the most critical challenges facing the aviation, additive manufacturing, automotive, manufacturing industries today – speed, throughput, and precision.

And with the most flexible service offerings available, our experts are helping industry achieve even greater possibilities. Whether in the field or on the factory floor, reduce inspection times, optimize your processes, and improve safety with ease.


16th Global Industrial X-ray and CT Forum - July 2019, Hannover, Germany

The 16th industrial X-ray and CT Forum is coming to Wunstorf/Hannover. Don’t miss this exciting X-ray and CT user group meeting to learn how GE Inspection Technologies’s X-ray and CT Inspection solutions are pushing the boundaries of industrial CT inspection and 3D metrology, how other users apply CT inspection and metrology, and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of phoenix|x-ray.

X-ray Forum information & registration
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