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High-performance premium nanofocus and microfocus inspection for electronics

NDT Electronics Inspection Solutions

Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo

The Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo provide high-resolution  2D X-ray technology, PlanarCT and 3D computed tomography( CT) scanning in one system, enabling non-destructive testing (NDT) of electronic components - such as semiconductors, PCBs, lithium-ion batteries - in industrial, automotive, aviation and consumer electronics industries. With innovative engineering coupled with ultra-high positioning accuracy, Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo are ideally suited for industrial X-ray electronics inspections in process and quality control for greater productivity, failure analysis for the increased safety and quality of your products, and R&D where innovations are born.

Discover all of the new features of the latest Phoenix Nanome|x and Microme|x Neo product release.

We used to be GE Inspection Technologies, now we’re Waygate Technologies, a global leader in NDT solutions with more than 125 years of experience in ensuring quality, safety, and productivity.

Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo - Key Features

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