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Intelligent Image Processing


In non-destructive testing (NDT), every detail counts: whether you are inspecting a gas pipeline, a critical weld, a jet engine or even a painting by Van Gogh. When it comes to revealing details, Flash! digital radiography image processing sets the standard.

Combining 25+ years of experience and patents with next-generation technology, this intelligent software automatically optimizes your digital radiographs quickly and consistently. The balanced presentation of different densities and materials lets you see all the subtle details in one single image, with no manual adjustments.

The latest version uses advanced algorithms to achieve cutting-edge imaging quality, with more than 50,000,000,000 calculations per image, or 1,000 calculations per pixel. Yet it effortlessly adjusts image data to the sensitivity level of the human eye.

You get exquisite image quality and comfortable reading, with a faster, smoother workflow that enhances your productivity, maximizes your resources and gives your customers peace of mind.

Lead in excellence: with Flash!

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Next-level imaging

Selecting the right imaging hardware has a major impact on image quality – but the software you choose is just as important!

Flash! uses innovative, proven and leading image processing technology that offers high image quality. Images are made consistent, regardless of the operator, for easier reading and more confident reviewing.

A layered perspective

With Flash! you see more, with a clear vision of both high- and low-density areas, in a single image. Intelligent image processing automatically minimizes noise while maximizing details.

You can read images quickly, viewing all the layers in a glance without manual adjustments. No unsharp masking or edge enhancement creating artefacts. No over- or under-shooting around higher-density areas. No window leveling required. Flash! provides optimal image quality even whit minimal contrast. The invisible becomes visible, and the material no longer hides radiographic secrets from you.

Flash! works as a layer on top of the image, without altering the raw data or the measurements made. Whether you need to keep images for 5 years or 50, data integrity is ensured.

Good to go!

Flash! is easy to learn and use, and doesn’t require specialized training. Operator independent, it automatically adjusts to variations in density, materials, geometry, radiation quality, etc. The software saves time and effort for operator and inspector, so you get more out of your human and material resources.

Flash! intelligent image processing has been proven globally; now let us prove it to you. Already, over 1,600 installations around the world rely on Flash!

Flash! image processing technology offers you:

• Excellent, consistent image quality across CR and DR platforms
• Enhanced productivity and optimized resources
• Optimal rendering of all relevant imaging data, optimized for the human eye
• Robust image processing against variations (density, geometry, radiation quality, exposure settings, etc.)
• Smooth workflow at the operator and reviewer/verification levels
• High contrast even at lower dose
• Two versions: Flash! (for general use) and Flash!OG (optimized for Oil & Gas)
• DICONDE* -compliant

* Digital Imaging and Communication in Nondestructive Evaluation: a global standard for handling, sharing, storing and transmitting information between DICONDE-compliant systems.

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