Experience the most accurate pressure control module to date.

Optimize your operations with PACE CM3

With PACE CM3, we present a new custom-built system where the fastest pressure controller, PACE, and our most accurate reference control module, CM3, are combined into one powerful, high-precision pressure measurement and control solution.


[WEBINAR]  Where speed & accuracy combine | Meet Druck's automated calibration system

Don’t miss the chance to learn about the new high accuracy PACE CM3 control module within Druck’s PACE pressure controllers from the people that know it best.

We will show real examples of how 4Sight2 calibration software, when integrated with our PACE pressure controllers or temperature calibrators, can automate and improve your calibration process.

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Quick overview: PACE CM3 attributes

PACE CM3 is part of a new generation of high-precision pressure controllers from Druck.

  • Accuracy of +/-11ppm rdg + 26ppm FS
  • 2,3.5,8,11,21,36,71,101, 136, 173 and 211 bar absolute (other ranges available, please consult factory)
  • Pseudo gauge controller ranges - 1,2.5,7,10,20,35 and 70, 100, 135, 172, 210 bar  (other ranges available, please consult factory)
  • 0.001% of absolute range FS
  • Barometer accuracy (2 Sigma) = 0.1 mbar over the calibrated temperature range
  • TERPS® (Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor) technology

From A to Z:

Download the PACE CM3 Data sheet

Dive into all technical specifications, such as pressure ranges, reference precision, controller stability, and accuracy, for all Druck control modules and PACE chassis.

Let’s get technical

PACE CM3 Technical Whitepaper

Our informational whitepaper outlines the main attributes of PACE CM3 and helps you understand the most critical aspects of pressure measurement and calibration.

PACE success in semiconductor market

PACE CM3 Solutions for Semiconductor Industry

Here’s the story about the booming semiconductor industry in East Asia–and how Druck has supplied manufactures of semiconductors and semiconductor devices with PACE quality pressure measurement solutions.

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